XF 1.4 https site, but rss has images with come from http, causing issues


I have setup an SSL cert (https) today, but noticed when viewing the https side, the padlock is not always displaying.

I belive this to be due to the RSS feeds I have setup as they have images in them which are being servered from http links.

So as my site is using https, and the rss feed with images are coming from http, it is not secure.

Is there away I can fix the issue and have the padlock displayed?
Just found Xenforo has a Proxy built in for images in the Options
Options > Messages > Proxy Images

This forum software is just amazing, I am really happy I bought it :)
Wow, never realised this. Although what happens to existing threads with existing images if this is turned on? I did a quick test and turning this on seems to break things.
It changes the link to the in built proxy for all images, including existing threads.
I only turned it on today and just looked back to the 2nd Auguest when the first rss was post and included and image, and it has changed it.

What things did it break for you?
Hmm... It just didn't display an image, just a broken image. Maybe I didn't leave it on long enough? An I right in thinking the proxy secret key can be anything?
I believe so, I just set my sercet key and I created 64 characters and symbols random string.
I have now recheck the first post with an image and it fine.

Could be the image is cached in Xenforo somewhere and will update.
Hmmm... I have a feeling I might be the victim of my shared host's mod security settings. Will have a chat with them and see if they will whitelist the script.