1. Satix

    XF 1.5 Hiding Userfield Elements

    SOLVED thanks to @Matt C. Replace "customfieldID" with the ID of your custom user field if you'd like to make these changes to your site: Hide usertitle: Hide userfield: Hi! I have a couple of (hopefully quick) questions. 1. How can I hide the title of a userfield (these)? 2. How can I...
  2. W

    I don't want ajax for this addon

    Hey folks, :) So I'm trying to resolve the issue with this addon myself because of this issue. I've come to this conclusion. I believe it's due to the Ajax call for the templatehtml found in the js/vfchh/vfchh.js setTimeout(function() { XenForo.ajax(url, {}, function(ajaxData...
  3. D

    XF 1.5 How to hide thread from other users?

    Let's say there's a user ranting. You don't want to delete their thread, only to have them rant some more. Instead, is there a way to make it so that only the admins and the user see the thread and any replies to that thread? This way other users won't see it, only the thread starter and admins...
  4. Dadparvar

    XF 1.5 How to hide Forum tab

    Hi, How it is possible to hide this tab without commenting its code manually? Hiding with editing "navigation" template is possible. But is there any option in ACP to do it by checking or unchecking any checkbox? Regards
  5. XFA

    [XFA] Thread Management Automation 1.1.1a

    Description With Thread Automation, it's time for you and your moderators to spend some free time doing something else than performing actions on important threads ! When creating a thread, you will now be able to decide when and during how long the thread will be in a certain state thus...
  6. Napalm_beach

    Add-on User selected "hide forum" option

    The purpose of the add-on is to let forum users hide various forum categories and their forums. This is the functionality required: - A user control panel interface in which the user can select which forum categories to hide. The user should also be able to un-hide categories or hide...