1. R

    XF 2.2 How can I incorporate the buttons displayed in the screenshot? (Up, Down, Thanks)

    Hello, I'm looking to enhance my forum by adding buttons similar to those shown in the attached image. Could you recommend an addon that would allow me to do this? I appreciate your assistance and thank you in advance.
  2. XDinc

    [XTR] Remove Editor Toolbar or Selected Buttons 1.0.0

    Manage the message editor toolbar and remove unwanted button groups by user group permissions. ACP Options User Group Permissions Result,
  3. Ozzy47

    [OzzModz] Iconify Buttons 2.0.0

    This simple addon condenses the action button row into icon-only buttons, for a slimmer and less bloated UI. Affects buttons such as the following: Mark read/unread Watch/unwatch Add page/update etc Rate Filters ** Not all features will work in [ThemeHouse] UI.X style ** Additionally, you can...
  4. El Porcharo

    Lack of interest Approve button in action bar

    I'm managing the community with quite noob admins, and I see they don't always realize there are messages waiting for approval before replying to threads, specially when they navigate the board from their mobile phone. And honestly at the beginning of my XenForo experience, I used not to notice...
  5. C

    XF 2.1 Adding custom header BB code to text editor

    Hi everyone, n00b here (actually ex-vBulletin convert!), so be gentle :) I want to add a BBCode button command to my forum's text editor box that will roll up this bit of code: <p style="color: #54acd2; font-size: 26px;"><strong></strong></p> and apply it to selected text. It's for header text...
  6. BassMan

    [cXF] Push Notifications Notice 1.1.5

    Description: Customize default push notifications notice with some extra features and lots of customization options in style properties. Features: default or floating (on the left bottom side) push notification notice two styles for floating push notification buttons fully customizable...
  7. D

    XF 2.0 Change button colors (homepage)

    Can't find where to change the color of the next two buttons: Can you tell me where i can change the color?
  8. Oblivion Knight

    Gamepad Icons 1.0

    Ever wanted to spruce up your gaming community by adding PlayStation and Xbox controller buttons to your posts and/or content? Now you can.. :) Demo: It should be noted that I did *not* design these icons, I have adapted them for use with XenForo. I am distributing them under the same...
  9. P

    Fixed Problem with pagination buttons

    Hello, I have attached a print screen. Kind regards, George.
  10. Mystinen Metsätyömies

    Other Buttons "ad" for Siropu ad Manager

    I have tried to make a two-button "advertisement" to be displayed with Siropu ad Manager. However, with my limited abilities I don't know how to code it so that it wouldn't interfere the appearance of the forum outside the actual "ad". The Font Awesome part seems to be causing something, which...
  11. iseamonet

    XF 1.5 Styling Thread View Information into Buttons

    This is the code I am trying to style <xen:title>{xen:helper threadPrefix, $thread, escaped}{$thread.title}{xen:helper pagenumber, $page}</xen:title> <xen:h1>{xen:helper threadPrefix, $thread}{$thread.title}</xen:h1> <xen:description> {xen:phrase discussion_in_x_started_by_y_date_z...
  12. BassMan

    Unmaintained [cXF] Public Controls (Reply, Like, Quote buttons) enhancements 1.0.0

    Customize it to get something like this: Also with hover effect.
  13. S

    The perils of Redactor button initialization in JS

    $(document).on('EditorInit', function (event, ed) { // redactor === undefined var redactor = ed.$textarea.data('redactor'); setTimeout(function () { // redactor instance is finally here redactor = ed.$textarea.data('redactor'); console.debug('redactor instance')...
  14. Amaury

    XF 1.4 Button Spacing and Size

    This is a result of removing the box shadow, so how can I add an equal amount of spacing among the three buttons here? How can I add an equal amount of spacing among the input box, plus button, and minus button? Also, how can I make the plus and minus buttons the same size? You'll notice the...
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