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  1. Set3sh

    Fixed Problem with pagination buttons

    Hello, I have attached a print screen. Kind regards, George.
  2. Mystinen Metsätyömies

    Other Buttons "ad" for Siropu ad Manager

    I have tried to make a two-button "advertisement" to be displayed with Siropu ad Manager. However, with my limited abilities I don't know how to code it so that it wouldn't interfere the appearance of the forum outside the actual "ad". The Font Awesome part seems to be causing something, which...
  3. iseamonet

    XF 1.5 Styling Thread View Information into Buttons

    This is the code I am trying to style <xen:title>{xen:helper threadPrefix, $thread, escaped}{$thread.title}{xen:helper pagenumber, $page}</xen:title> <xen:h1>{xen:helper threadPrefix, $thread}{$thread.title}</xen:h1> <xen:description> {xen:phrase discussion_in_x_started_by_y_date_z...
  4. BassMan

    [cXF] Public Controls (Reply, Like, Quote buttons) enhancements 1.0.0

    Customize it to get something like this: Also with hover effect.
  5. S

    The perils of Redactor button initialization in JS

    $(document).on('EditorInit', function (event, ed) { // redactor === undefined var redactor = ed.$textarea.data('redactor'); setTimeout(function () { // redactor instance is finally here redactor = ed.$textarea.data('redactor'); console.debug('redactor instance')...
  6. Amaury

    XF 1.4 Button Spacing and Size

    This is a result of removing the box shadow, so how can I add an equal amount of spacing among the three buttons here? How can I add an equal amount of spacing among the input box, plus button, and minus button? Also, how can I make the plus and minus buttons the same size? You'll notice the...