Other Buttons "ad" for Siropu ad Manager

I have tried to make a two-button "advertisement" to be displayed with Siropu ad Manager. However, with my limited abilities I don't know how to code it so that it wouldn't interfere the appearance of the forum outside the actual "ad". The Font Awesome part seems to be causing something, which alters the font sizes etc. here and there outside the ad.

What i need looks something like this: button example.jpg

There should be two buttons with Font Awesome symbols and text. Each button acts as a link. Actually this will be used for navigation.

This will be implemented by using Siropu's ad manager. The code is be pasted to Ad Manager's field for code ads. It's usually used with banners and Google AdSense code, etc.

I am willing to pay max $20 for this, as it is not a big job. One just have to know how to do it and I don't have the time to dig deeper.

This could be further extended to XF addon, if someone is willing to develop this forward. I know there is a need for this but I just want to have a quick'n dirty solution and this way it is quite easy.