1. electrogypsy

    XF 2.1 cannot create template modifications

    I've enabled debug mode in the config.php file, and i can see the debug info at the bottom of the page both in the admincp and on my website. When I go to 'template modifications' in the admin cp, there is no button to create a new template modification. I only have the addons UIX, s9e, and...
  2. CMTV

    Math 2.1.1

    Description This addon will turn all LaTeX math on your forum to a fancy, sharp and scalable math! It also adds the "Insert math" button to an editor that greately simplifies the process of adding math to your messages, threads, pages and so on. It also works with xenForo AJAX (loading content...
  3. CNK

    Not a bug Problem with email buttons on dark theme

    I have problem with styling button in my dark theme. I can't set background of button from emails. On the forum, the buttons are displayed correctly, whereas in the email the button has the same text color as the button background...
  4. Loohney

    Unmaintained [XFRM] Donation Button for Resources

    Since i needed this for myself and i couldn't find anything that provides this without having to pay for it i modified my template file and adding a donation button to my resources paired with custom fields. ________________________________________ What you'll achieve...
  5. BassMan

    [cXF] Conversation Button 1.2.0

    Description: Some administrators want to highlight the talk button in order to make it easier to contact the user, so this add-on will add a button or conversation icon to the message block user. Features add conversation button below user details in the message block add conversation icon...
  6. Amin Sabet

    XF 2.0 New Thread button on every page including Page nodes and Thread View?

    Can anyone help me with a template edit to put the new thread button on every page including Page nodes and Thread View? I followed this tutorial to make a front page for my site at https://www.sleepapneagroup.com/ I'd like to have a Post Thread button on the front page as well as in the...
  7. M

    New Post Button in Post

    ACP --> Template --> thread_view and find: <xf:breadcrumb source="$forum.getBreadcrumbs()" /> Replace with the code below: <xf:breadcrumb source="$forum.getBreadcrumbs()" /> <xf:pageaction if="$forum.canCreateThread()"> <xf:button href="{{ link('forums/post-thread', $forum) }}"...
  8. CMTV

    XF 2.0 Switching thread option

    Hello! First of all, I have to say that it is really hard for my to get into all this xF core and addon structure, relations, models and etc. but I am trying my best to understand this. I used to create Wordpress plugins before and that process was fairly easy. So, let's get to the point. I am...
  9. BassMan

    [cXF] Sticky Create Button [Paid]

    BassMan submitted a new resource: [cXF] Sticky Create Button - Encourage members to create more threads with fixed (floating) create thread button, which is visibl Read more about this resource...
  10. BassMan

    Unmaintained [cXF] Sticky Create Button 1.2.0

    Description: Encourage members to create more threads with fixed (floating) create thread button, which is visible on page even when scrolling. This add-on also supports XenForo Resource Manager and XenForo Media Gallery create button. Features: fixed (floating) create thread button fully...
  11. XFA

    [XFA] Download From list 1.0.2

    Description RM Download From List brings the download button from resource view to resources list (index and category) to allow direct view of which resources can be downloaded or not. To better track what you have downloaded, the download button changes from Download Now to Downloaded once the...
  12. Dadparvar

    Add resources tabs below download button using font awesome and tooltip

    Hi, In my forum, sometimes, users (mostly new users) can't find additional information about resources (like versions, updates, custom tabs and ...). And because we used font awesome for tab's titles, so this problem will happen more. Now, lets see how we can add tabs (using font awesome +...
  13. Dadparvar

    Add "Chat With Me" button everywhere (for cometchat)

    Hi, If you install comechat, you will see a "Chat With Me" button below avatar in messages. (Of course if you set it in ACP) By default it has different problems: Even guests can see that (Even if they don't have access to cometchat) Its just in messages page. And no where else. (So chatting...
  14. erich37

    "Post New Thread"-Button / change position

    Suggestion: change the "Post New Thread"-button towards similar position as it is already on "mobile view". Advantage: This will make the button better exposed and therefore also better visible. Example: this new suggested button-location also makes more logical sense, as the user is...
  15. otto

    Start Conversation Button in User Profile 0.9

    Add simply a realy good to see "Start a Conversation" button below user avatar in user profile sidebar if the user have the rigths to do that. You can also simply switch it on/off by do that for the add-on in the add-on list (ACP). No extra settings, no new phrases. :) Deutsche Version: "Neue...
  16. erich37

    change "Sign-Up Now!" to forward to Register-page

    I would suggest to change the big orange Sign-Up-button being forwarded to the Register-page ? http://www.domain.com/register This would be much better as the current implementation, as both "Log-in" and Sign Up Today" do the same thing.