[XFA] Media Of The Month

[XFA] Media Of The Month 3.6.0

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Corrected bugs:
  • Notice based on MOTM page criteria are not working
  • Users can vote for already awarded medias
  • Media insertion removed from the user submission message ({4}) as it's no longer possible to know since 3.0.0 which medias have been added due to the multiple medias upload per user capability.
New features:
  • Number of votes per user added to the voting phase start message
  • Thread/Post creation on user vote
  • Thread/Post creation on events now supported in mode 2 for:
    • Contest start
    • User vote
    • Winner media(s) award
For those already using the messages upon events, you might have to edit the following ones:
  • Voting phase start: {4} now displays the number of votes authorized per user
  • User submission: {4} to insert the media is no longer available since 3.0.0 as more than 1 media can be added per user depending on options.
Fixes an error upon clean install:
  • Developer: default_value is not a valid array (xfa_mgmotm_tie_behavior)
New features:
  • Configurable number of votes per user per MOTM session (option, registered when MOTM contest start)
  • Link to MOTM thread (if set to single) in album sidebar information block
  • 2 working modes:
    • Mode 1: Monthly album generation allowing user to submit medias for vote with submission/voting phases (initial mode)
    • Mode 2: No dedicated album, each month users votes for any medias in the gallery, most voted one awarded, votes reinitialized each month (new since 3.0.0)
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