[XFA] Custom Username Icons - XF2

[XFA] Custom Username Icons - XF2 5.0.7

No permission to buy (€10.00)
Final release - Core released as a separate add-on
Corrected bugs:
  • Template public:forum_list: Declaration of XFA\CustomUsernameIcons\XF\Repository\Thread::findThreadsForForumView(XF\Entity\Forum $forum, $visibilityLimit = true) should be compatible with XF\Repository\Thread::findThreadsForForumView(XF\Entity\Forum $forum, array $limits = Array) (src/addons/XFA/CustomUsernameIcons/XF/Repository/Thread.php:41)
Corrected bugs:
  • Incorrect uninstall database columns dropping code

  • Update of [XFA] Core to Beta 3 version
We have moved some common code of CustomUsernameIcons to the Core for use with our other add-ons.
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