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Unmaintained XenQuotation 1.0.0

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XenQuotation is an add-on for XenForo that allows your community members to save silly, funny and memorable quotations for all to see. Each quotation can be saved with an author, date and a bit of text to put the quotation in context. You can even turn a post in to a quotation.

Main Features:
  • Integrated in to XenForo:
    • Integrated with Search
    • Integrated with Alerts
    • Integrated with Like'ing
    • Integrated with Moderation Queue
    • Integrated with In-line Moderation
  • Save quotations directly from posts
  • Configurable permissions for quotations.
  • Each quotation has an URL that can be passed around to view that quotation.
  • List of quotations (similar to the list of threads in a forum) for quick browsing.
  • Configure which BB Codes can be used in your quotations.
  • Comes with [bd] Widget Framework widget for displaying a random quotation.
  • Comes with a XenPorta module for displaying a random quotation.
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FYI this add-on is being developed for/by/with support from the awesome FreddysHouse!
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Latest updates

  1. Now compatible with latest XenPorta and [bd] Widget Framework

    XenQuotation has been updated to be compatible with the latest version of XenPorta and the [bd]...

Latest reviews

Still works on 1.4. Given a three-star review because, while I really appreciate the addon and use it on all my sites, there are things that really need updating on it - the view on responsive, for one. I'd really like to see the ablity to add categories as well as a few other things.
Installed on 1.3 - works fantastic, I am surprised there isn't more feedback on this, it is a really great addon.
I love this add-on. It'd be nice to see the feature additions I mentioned in the thread. Such feature additions would make XenQuotation a rated-5 add-on for me. Thanks for the share!