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XenCentral Feedback System 2 is a fully-featured feedback system for XenForo 2 that allows your users to give positive, negative, neutral feedback to each other, specify deal threads, see other users trade rating. The add-on creates a separate section in your forum with full feedback data, top rated and untrusted traders list, and integrates users ratings to other XenForo sections (threads, member profile, visitor panel).

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Features Overview
  • Dedicated feedback page for all feedback data.
  • Positive, negative, neutral feedback, user's total rating.
  • Feedback as buyer, seller, trader.
  • Users feedback profile with feedback left for and left by user.
  • Feedback comments system.
  • Deal URL options to allow users to specify deal URL and deal thread.
  • Deal thread forums, valid deal URL checking options (starter check, board URL check, unique deal URL check).
  • Deal thread AJAX suggestion.
  • Feedback submission from user's feedback profile and from thread.
  • Tabbed home page with latest feedback, top trusted and untrusted traders, latest activity sections.
  • Latest feedback on home page via AJAX.
  • Latest activity on home page via AJAX.
  • Latest activity filtering by type and user.
  • Sidebars with latest feedback, top trusted and untrusted traders sections.
  • Latest feedback and feedback stats in member profile.
  • Detailed feedback stats in posts, conversations and visitor panel (positive/negative/neutral).
  • XenForo Resource Manager and Media Gallery deal URL and deal thread support.
  • Feedback reporting and moderation.
  • Board Feedback Statistics page for detailed board statistics.
  • User Preferences page for feedback preferences.
  • Admin email, PM, alert notifications. Instant, hourly, daily, weekly notifications.
  • User email, PM, alert notifications. Instant, hourly, daily, weekly notifications.
  • Default users notifications setup in admin panel.
  • Feedback submission restriction for users with no feedback.
  • Unique rating option to calculate rating per unique user.
  • Feedback edit time limit, duplicate time limit, maximum feedback per hour options.
  • Comment form enable/disable, require comment, comment minimum length options.
  • Separate admin panel section.
  • User group permissions - view feedback pages, give feedback, receive feedback, be invisible from latest activity, moderators permissions.
  • Users rating update tool.
  • Importers from Feedback System 1.x, vBulletin iTrader, Photopost Classifieds Feedback, MyBB Reputations, XenTrader 2.x, Trader (XenForo 1.x).
Live Demo - http://xf2demo.xencentral.com user: demo password: demo
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Beta Notice.

This is a beta release, so the add-on may have bugs, incomplete functionalities. We do not recommend using it on live installations at this stage. If you decide to do so anyway, we recommend doing a fresh install or upgrading your current data on development/test board first and only after successful testing install or upgrade on your live board.

License Notice. All Feedback System 1.x license holders with active licenses have access to 2.x version.

Download information. To download the add-on visit Client's Area https://customers.dnf.technology/clientarea.php Client's Area > Services > My Licenses > XenCentral Feedback System > Downloads.

Installation Notice.

The add-on is installed as usual XenForo 2 add-on. XenCentral Framework installation is not needed.

Especially for testing purposes, we developed Feedback System 1.x to Feedback System 2.x importer. If you have Feedback System 1.x installed, feel free to use this importer to import the feedback data and to test the add-on with actual data.

Feedback System 1.x to 2.x Upgrade Notice.

If you had Feedback System 1.x installed on your forum, the current beta version of add-on will not upgrade your installation. If you are sure you want to upgrade your 1.x installation, please note that upgrade script will change the tables of 1.x installation and you can not revert the changes back. If you'll uninstall the add-on after upgrade, it will remove all data, including the data migrated from 1.x version. Be careful!

Upgrading from 1.x installation to 2.x will keep all your feedback data, including route filters configured for 1.x version. Always test the upgrade on development/test board.

To upgrade 1.x installation to 2.x, before uploading 2.x package, open addon.json file in src/addons/XenCentral/Feedback and replace the code: "legacy_addon_id": "" to code "legacy_addon_id": "xcxt", save and upload.

Post-installation/upgrade steps.

After installing/upgrading the add-on:
1. Navigate to Groups & permissions -> User group permissions -> edit. Set Feedback System and Feedback System Moderators permissions. Click Save.
2. Navigate to Feedback System -> General Options. Check and set all options. Click Save.

Bugs Submission.

If you found a bug, please submit a report to Feedback System 2.x dedicated forum or helpdesk.

Support Forums - https://forum.xencentral.com/

Support Desk - https://desk.xencentral.com/

For any question, suggestion, feedback submit support ticket.
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Latest reviews

Have been using this since early in XF1 and the devs have supported this add-on amazingly. They have been quick to respond to bugs and fix issues which has allowed me to get to a point that I am in final testing to upgrade to XF2 - something that wasn't even really on the radar 2 weeks ago. Thank you XenCentral!
Thank you for review, Graham!
Prefect and complete feedback system for your marketplace and community. Can't get any better than this. Also outstanding customer support. The dev really appreciate their customers :)
Thank you for review!
Import went flawlessly and we are up and running! After 3 failed imports.
DNF spent alot of time and effort in helping us go live!
Thank you for review!