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Unmaintained User Profile - Prefixed Threads 1.2.2

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Compatible XF 1.x versions
  1. 1.3
  2. 1.4
  3. 1.5
Additional requirements
php 5.4+
Updates duration
12 months ($5 yearly renewal + GST for Australian Residents)
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This add-on allows you to add tabs to user profiles that contain threads they started with a certain prefix. There's no limit to how many you may display.

Admin Panel:

Underneath the "Users" -> "User Customization" navigation menu, you'll see a new link for managing "Prefixed Thread Tabs". This is where you'll be able to view, add, edit, and delete the profile tabs.


When creating (or editing) a tab, you just pick the prefix and the title to display as the tab.

admin_create_tab.png admin_create_tab_filled.png

Afterwards, you'll see the list with options to delete or edit.


User Profile

And now your prefixed threads tabs display on the user profile.



I recommend using Add-on install & upgrade or [#] Install and Upgrade to install this addon.

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Latest reviews

This is a truly underrated plugin. Now my community can see the types of content they've posted in the past, based on the thread prefix for that thread. We have a thread prefix for videos and photos, and now when a user posts a thread with those prefixes, it appears on their profile! Adds a whole new dynamic to community interaction when they can see not just posts, but posts organized by content.

Highly recommended for any community, since you can assign any thread prefix to a tab on a user's profile, so the possibilities are endless.

Now with @Xon taking over control of the plugin, fixes and support requests are extremely fast, so rest assured this plugin is alive and well!
This addon shows content to groups who should not be able to see it. For more informations see discussion thread.
Apologies, I missed this bug report. This should now be fixed.
Exactly what I needed for my board. This plugin lets you list threads with a certain prefix under a tab in your user profile. Nice way of acknowledging users for their participation in certain subjects and categories!
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