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User Profile - Prefixed Threads

User Profile - Prefixed Threads [Paid] 1.2.2

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Daniel Hood

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Daniel Hood submitted a new resource:

User Profile - Prefixed Threads - Add tabs to user profiles that contain threads they started with a certain prefix.

This add-on allows you to add tabs to user profiles that contain threads they started with a certain prefix. There's no limit to how many you may display.

Admin Panel:

Underneath the "Users" -> "User Customization" navigation menu, you'll see a new link for managing "Prefixed Thread Tabs". This is where you'll be able to view, add, edit, and delete the profile tabs.

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When creating (or editing) a tab, you just pick the prefix and the title to...
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Good idea!

A suggestion: implement an option to list (in a tab) threads posted by the member on a specific node. In other words, node filtering apart of prefix filtering.

Daniel Hood

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That could result in entirely too many queries. Right now there are no scalability issues, you can have 100 tabs if you want. If I were to include checks on what to display it could hurt performance big time. Essentially adding one query per tab.


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Well I was asking because that's the default behavior of XF tabs like Warnings and even XFMG tabs like Media and Albums, for all the three cases when there is no content to show the tabs aren't present. I can see however that tabs related to threads like Recent Activity and Posting are always shown and that might be due to the performance constraints that you have explained.

Maybe you might (if you want... and in a future release) include an option to not show the tab if there is no content to display - obviously leaving a note telling that enabling that option might decrease performance.

By the way in my case I would like to add a single tab for my Marketplace node where the following prefixes exists: WTS and WTB. So I would choose the Marketplace node and leave the prefix empty so both WTS and WTB threads are going to be listed on the tab. The question is: considering that I'm going to add a single tab, is that single query (the one that will prevent the tab to be shown if there are no threads to display) still going to be too server intensive?
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Question: do it shows closed threads, too? I mean for example I have a Classifieds node with two prefixes: WTS and WTB. I would leave the prefix empty and choose the Classifieds node so in a single tab I'll have both WTS and WTB threads listed. However on the Classifieds node those "finished" threads are closed. It would not make sense to list them in the tab.

Daniel Hood

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It will show closed threads. Something you can do though is move all closed threads to an archived sub forum or something like that.

It's be possible to modify the current code to fit your needs but I don't think that's a very popular desire so making it the default function wouldn't be ideal.

If you'd like to fund the development of making it an option, that is something we could work out.


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hi, i think i found a bug:

this tabs show moderated threads to people who should not be able to see it too.

can you fix this please?


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