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User Essentials

User Essentials 2.7.10

No permission to buy ($35.00)
  • Improve updater from very old versions
User Essentials For XF2 is nearly done.

All valid licence holders will be eligible for a free upgrade, and XF1 and XF2 versions will be available from the same licence.

User Essentials For XF2 has following requirements:
  • php 5.6+
  • To upgrade to User Essentials for XF2 from User Essentials for XF1, the minimum version supported is v2.7.0
    • If you have an older version of User Essentials, but have upgraded to XF2 please contact me!
  • New permission; [UserEss] Post Replies in Threads by Other
    • By default, allocated to any user group with the 'post reply' permission
  • Prevent changing visibility to not visible when saving preferences if the user doesn't have permission to use the visibility setting.
  • Tweak "Visitor Popup Menu" visible template mod to handle theme changes
  • Support unicode-based not-matching
  • Fix that setting the User Log length of 0 would prune daily instead of keeping forever.
  • Fix pre-xf 1.5.13 support (undefined variable extraWhere)
  • Improve robustness of the installer's legacy code upgrade path
  • Actually implement batched updates of user's Post likes on renaming/merging, this avoids long running update statements which block posting.
    • Previous attempt was rendered non-functional by a typo and didn't expose that it was failing.
  • Fix Username changes not correctly displaying on the user profile tab.
  • Move more template code from the template modifications for the members_view into the useress_member_view_tabs_heading and useress_member_view_tabs_content templates.
  • Fix support Tag Essentials tag preview on profile tags.
  • xf 1.5.13 compatibility fix, do not double handle xf_thread_user_post
    • pre-xf1.5.13 would not correctly handle user merges if both accounts had posted in the same thread.
  • When editing a thread, only show per-thread permissions if the thread starter has them. Applies to the following permissions:
    • [UserEss] - Lock / Unlock own thread
    • [UserEss] - Manage reply bans within own thread