User Essentials

Unmaintained User Essentials 2.8.4

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  • Work-around for Mariadb 10.4.x crash bug when handling chunked content renames
  • Make moderators respect "[UserEss] - Manage user name changes" permission for their own username changes
  • Handle custom title setting/reverting for private username changes
  • Fix: Undefined index: username
  • Fix error when a viewing an User/IP lockout record
  • When an admin views an account, try to update last activity to ensure it is effective rather than waiting for the cron task
  • Display last recent activity in the user approval queue
  • Allow a username change to be marked as private
    • New permission: "[UserEss] - Edit user name change privacy"
    • Can only be viewed by admin/moderator or the user, not other users or guests
  • Option to prevent admins changing the primary user group
  • Allow admins to see per-user and per-ip account lockouts
    • "Login Attempt Log" log under Tools
    • "Login Attempts" tab when viewing the user profile in the admincp
  • Improve updater from very old versions
User Essentials For XF2 is nearly done.

All valid licence holders will be eligible for a free upgrade, and XF1 and XF2 versions will be available from the same licence.

User Essentials For XF2 has following requirements:
  • php 5.6+
  • To upgrade to User Essentials for XF2 from User Essentials for XF1, the minimum version supported is v2.7.0
    • If you have an older version of User Essentials, but have upgraded to XF2 please contact me!
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  • New permission; [UserEss] Post Replies in Threads by Other
    • By default, allocated to any user group with the 'post reply' permission
  • Prevent changing visibility to not visible when saving preferences if the user doesn't have permission to use the visibility setting.
  • Tweak "Visitor Popup Menu" visible template mod to handle theme changes
  • Support unicode-based not-matching
  • Fix that setting the User Log length of 0 would prune daily instead of keeping forever.
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