User Essentials

User Essentials 2.8.4

No permission to buy ($35.00)
User essentials does what it says it does, extremely well! Xon's support of his products is top notch. You can't go wrong his addons.
Amazing add-on and amazing developer. Never experienced any major issues with any of Xon's premium resources, in fact when I experienced a slight incompatibility on my end, Xon the developer was kind enough to go out of their way and fix something that was not caused by them what so ever. You cannot go wrong with this purchase! Repeat customer here, year after year!
We've enjoyed this add-on for several years and we definitely can't live without it. It has so many useful features that you would assume would be part of Xenforo core but aren't.
If you want to give/sell name changes or use the sin-bin approach then this addon will give you the functions to do that. And much more. This addon has a ton of features.
We've had the Essentials (User Essentials, Moderator Essentials, Conversation Essentials) installed for a long time now.

Recently the number of upgrades made to each is very much appreciated indeed.

When I look at the feature list for User Essentials, for many of the items I'm like "Uh oh this wasn't part of XenForo core?"

The features provided by User Ess have become so ingrained that it's difficult to imagine using the forum without the add-on.

Very few issues over the years, everything works as expected. Glad to recommend.
Great add-on and great support! Thank you very much for maintaining these add-ons and fixing any issues that arise! :)
I've been a user of the three "essentials" mods (conversations, mods & users) for a number of years now, a lot of the awesome additional features/function listed in each are a 'must have' for our staff and users. It's great to see Xon take these mods on for 2017 and keep them current. 5 stars on them all, they really are an essential part of our board.
When an add-on is filling the missing elements of the core, it is legitimate to name it "essential". The "Essential" series of add-ons is a must have for everyone using XenForo. ModEss, UserEss, TagEss, ConvEss integrate seamlessly into the core and you will forget they are add-ons soon after install.
Great addon for all xenforo forums, very useful features. Fantastic support even in difficult situations.
Nice features added in latest version. Allowing users to delete posts in own thread is useful for classifieds forums. Like the "likes you've given" list too. Thanks Mr. Hood!
Glad you like them :)
Automated username changes are awesome. our review must be at least 150 characters.our review must be at least 150 characters.our review must be at least 150 characters.
Good support
needed features. works fine. excellent support. this counts for all essentials addons from Syndol.
Outstanding add-on and support!
The essential series is awesome, and so is Syndol's support!
Awesome work as usual mate... nice work once again.
Syndol is an amazing addon author; excellent support and a cool guy to boot. This addon works amazing, does exactly what it says on the tin. Never disappointed with his work.
This is a fantastic upgrade to the already amazing User Essentials add-on.