Unread Post Count

Unread Post Count 1.2.0

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Great plugin.. works fine. However, for me the text was coming as New Posts as opposed to Whats New. Is that a configurablefeature??

also, a jQuery dropdown when hovering on the counter would be awesome?
Beautiful! I lost a similar feature during the upgrade to Xenforo so I'm so happy to have it back :) Works perfectly!
More awesomeness from Chris D. I'm sorry I just found this. :) Why does this review have to be 150 characters? It's a great add-on. Great! Great! Great!
Just installed this add-on on my forum after converting to XF. I like this add-on a lot, I had to edited the theme to fit the colors of the post count. But it's worth it.
This is one of the most useful plugins while I'm at the station and the fact you support it like you do speaks volumes. 5 stars from me! Looking forward to working with you on other projects.
Wonderful resource, and wonderful support. Cheers Chris :)
Helps keep members and admins aware of new content and helps a site seem more active. A+++
Definitely useful, as it makes New Posts stand out more.
Awesome resource. I would love it if you could create a live version of this!
Just great! Thanks!
Excellent like every Chris Deeming Add-ons.
Top stuff from Chris. Works as expected.
Just as described, this works well. Looks good on my black responsive theme and encourages people to use the default 'new posts' page. thanks!
awesome thank you
Awesome Mod thanks for the update.
I love you long time for this.
Such a lovely little add on.
Thanks Chris :)
Superb. It would be even better if you could give selection of the style. I mean Say instead of rectangle u can give option in ACP for round or star (if possible)..
Chris D
Chris D
Anything is possible - you might want to try styling it (look at unread_post_count.css) - specifically you could play with border-radius to make the corners round :) Thanks for your review.