[TRN] Clean and Simple Thread Lists

Unmaintained [TRN] Clean and Simple Thread Lists 2.8.0

No permission to download
Pretty nice Farang. Kawp Khun Krap. I have it installed with the discuss preview. You're right, people are lazy now because of facbook.
Haven't got the paid add on but I will I think. This add on can make either subtle changes or completely change it. simply awesome.

Makes my site look loads better and members seem to be loving it
Great, easy-to-apply formatting options. I'm surprised that with all the people on the XF2 thread bemoaning a lack of Facebook/social media options, more of them aren't grabbing this and farang's Discussion Preview addon. Between the two of them you can at least get a lot of the LOOK of a social media site going on. The latest 2.4.0 update of this addon has allowed me to have the best of both worlds, more compact thread listings with all the necessary relevant info (thread starter and last replier), as well as an easier to read format.
Thanks for Your review @imno007. It really inspires me to continue my work and add further improvements. ;)