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Unmaintained Trending Content Tags 1.1.8

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  • Re-package add-on to include shared installer code. This only affects new users.
  • If code event listeners are disabled, prevent the trending tags widget from generating useless errors.
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Ensure a liked/rated post correctly attributes activity to the right thread.

Known bug:
  • Unliking a post as counting for tag activity.
Performance tweak to reduce the number of SQL queries when logging activity.

This was from 1 + number of tags on a piece of content, down to a constant one query.
  • Per activity weighting, defaults to 1 if not set.
  • Fully phrase add-on (Admin Options where missing some phrases)
  • Support the Delete Tag functionality.
  • Remove empty content check when displaying trending tags.
  • Support the Merge Tag functionality.
Option for minimum usage count before a tag can be considered trending. Defaults to 2.
Ensure cache actually expires instead of the cached entry constantly being refreshed.
  • Update to use shared installer/uninstaller code
  • Tweak tag ordering in trending tag cloud
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