1. ThemeHouse

    [TH] Trending 1.0.2

    Trending Showcase your most active and relevant content so your users can find current information and get involved fast. Trending is intricately calculated by several factors based on the content type. This will aid in increasing user involvement and improving user experience by helping them...
  2. X

    Trending Content Tags 1.1.8

    A trending sidebar widget using XenForo 1.5's content tagging system. Implements caching of the trending stats. Multiple sources of 'activity'. Warning: Tracking guest views can significantly increase the writes required for this feature Threshold of activity before displaying. Relatively...
  3. Daniel Hood

    Trending Content [Paid]

    Daniel Hood submitted a new resource: Trending Topics - This Addon shows your visitors the trending topics on your site. Read more about this resource...
  4. Stuart Wright

    Trending Content 2.1.2

    Trending Topics Page Trending topics allows you have a page dedicated to your most active threads based on one of the following algorithms: Replies per minute since the thread was created. Views per minute since the thread was created. Replies+Views per minute since the thread was created...