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Unmaintained ToggleME 3.1.4

No permission to download
Version 2.1 released
  • Cleaner coding for Javascript
  • Add global easing options (effect & duration)
  • Template modified (was still using the old code written 1 year ago)
  • Add an option to control the postbit toggle state in XenForo Options (I will not add it as an user option)
To upgrade: use the Auto installer addon or upload files & import xml

P.S: for those who want to have a very clean files structure, please delete this file: {yourforum}/js/sedo/toggleme/toggleME.mini.js

Reason: it isn't used anymore
Version 2.0.2 released
  • Javascript fix for the postbit toggle
To update : use Chris addon or upload files.
Version 2.01 released
  • New Toggle Widget implementation
  • New IE JS fix
  • Correct callback links in options
To upgrade use the Auto installer addon or upload files & import xml

The template "toggleme_manual.css" has been modified. You might need to revert if you've done some modifications.
If you need to move a little the toggle button for widgets, just use css in your "extra" template or in the template "toggleme_manual.css"; example:
Likes: Shelley
2012/12/22 v.2.0 released
  • Templates & hooks Listeners have been rewritten
  • Permissions bugs have been fixed
  • Sidebar auto-off widget option has been fixed
  • Sidebar widget regex(s) have been fixed & modified
  • Sidebar widget regex will check if the widget is using some html code with the css class "avatarHeap" (will create a width visual problem)
  • New Appearance configuration option to set the right margin when the css class "avatarHeap" is used (default value: 26px)
  • JS code for the postbit toggle has been a little modified (remains close after post)
  • First compatiblity with the Widget Framework addon
    • Might still have some problems see here
  • Compatibility with Chris Auto Installer Addon (directory path has been modified => Js & Libraries files are now in a sedo sub-directory
To upgrade use the Auto installer addon or upload files & import xml
Version 1.9.2 released
  • Set a delay (90 days) for the cookie to prevent its deletion when broswer is closed
  • To upgrade, just upload files (only js if you want)
2012/10/19 v.1.9.1 released
  • JS bug fixed

    To upgrade from 1.9 version, just upload files

To 1.9 users: please upgrade it, otherwise cookie memory will not work
Likes: Shelley
Version 1.9 released
  • Php & JS codes have been rewritten
  • 1 bug fixed with permissions
  • New option to keep the same display for collapsed categories
  • New option to close by default Wrapped Sub-forums
To upgrade, upload files and import addon xml file
2012/08/20: v.1.8 released
  • ToggleMe now works with Widgets
  • Widgets can be closed by default
  • Widgets can be excluded (from toggle function)
  • Widget collasped visual options available in style properties
  • To upgrade, upload files and import addon xml file
Images will come later.


2012/02/26: v.1.7 released
  • NEW OPTIONS: 'Default Closed XenForo Categories' & 'Default Closed EXTRA Categories' (ie: Chatbox)
    What is it? You can now select which categories that have to be closed once the page loaded.
    If users select to open one of those 'default closed categories', their choice will be saved in the cookie.
  • The subcategories can now be toggled. For example: on the forum home page, the category A has inside it the subcategories X,Y,Z
    If you click on that Category A, a new page will open. On this new page, the subcategories (not forums !) can now be toggled.
  • To allow these two options, the php and JS code have been deeply modified.
  • To upgrade, upload files and import addon xml file
2012/02/22: v.1.6.2
  • > Public phrases had been globally cached so that they don't use any DB query
  • => To upgrade just import addon xml file