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Version 3.1.4 released
Sanitize strings in the option page to avoid XSS injection from the admin side. Thanks to Julien from RCE Security for his POC. I'm quoted him :
"To successfully exploit this vulnerability, a user with rights to add or change user group titles, style titles or category titles must trick another authenticated user with access rights to the administrative panel to visit the affected configuration page of the plugin."

By the way the version 3.1.3 was never released on XenForo. It adds a mobile postbit option.
Version 3.1.2 released
  • Auto trim fix
    For those who have problems with some links that have strange letters added at the begin or the end of them (ie: somelink.63/%0A), I confirm it's because somewhere in your code some blank characters have been inserted at the begin or the end of the url. When the PHP dom function process to those nodes ('a' => which is an url), the attribute href (which contains the url) will be coded to guaranty a safe url: any blank space will be then converted (like for a normal url). So any blank letters you would have inserted in it, will be considered as a part of this url. Here's for the explanation of the why.

    To avoid this, I've integrated a module in this addon code that will trim the href attribute content of any nodes while it's still in the dom and before it is saved in html.
  • Css tiny mod (for the sub forums trigger => prevents text selection of the button)
Version 3.1.1 released
  • Fix the check for the nodetype (was only checking for text nodes, now it's checking for everything that is not an xml node)
    Thanks to XxUnkn0wnxX
  • The toggle function for the sidebar has been updated with new functions:
    1. It triggers now the "resize" event on the "window" so that custom mods, such as the slider of XenPorta 2, can update its layout to the new window width ; at the moment of the toggle function is done, it also overrides the jQuery Height function to simulate a modification of the height (it was needed for the XenPorta 2 slider)
    2. The sidebar children should be the wrapper of widgets, but sometimes the children were an hidden element ; this hidden element will remain now hidden when the toggle is done
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Version 3.1.0 released
  • It now supports Font-Awesome (it will have to be installed first on your board)
  • A new template has been created to insert a manual trigger for the sidebar ; you just need to include this template where you want inside your code:
    <xen:include template="toggleme_sidebar_trigger_manual" />
    Then you can customize it very easily (if you know css). With this new template, you can probably make a better integration to any themes. No support will be given.


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Version 3.0.1 released
  • Html dom functions slightly modified to avoid any errors with some utf8 characters
  • 1 phrase modified
Version 3.0.0 released

This version requires at least XenForo 1.2. The categories and widgets identifiers have changed to make them cleaner, so you will have to update them. To help you to do this, there's a new function to display them.

  • All php code has been fully rewritten. The php dom functions are now used instead of regex for categories and widgets.
    • widgets toggle functions should be compatible with any addons
    • nodes toggle functions should be compatible with external addons providing their code are inside the "forum_list_nodes" hook (ie: shoutbox)
    • Support html tags with namespaces (such as Facebook)
    • Support utf8 languages
    • New debug functions to get the toggle elements ids
  • The Sidebar can now be toggled
    • Some style properties available to customize the layout
    • Compatible with the Facebook widget even when the sidebar is closed
      Explanation: the Fb app is using the JavaScript function "getComputedStyle" which requires its html element to be visible on the page)
    • Is using cookie memory
  • The poll options when create a thread can now be toggled
  • "Pure css" mode available for the categories, widget and postbit toggle triggers
    • Basic style properties available
    • To customize it more, modify the new template "toggleme_purecss.css"
  • Add an option to select by default all usergroups for every toggle sections


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Version 3.0.0 BETA 5 released
XenForo > 1.2 required

  • Add "all usergroups" permission option added for all toggle sections

This should be the last beta version before the final release this weekend. If you have any comments, do it before. Thanks.
Version 3.0.0 BETA 4 released
XenForo > 1.2 required
  • Improve code
  • Polls toggle compatible with XenForo 1.4 (Polls have now their own template)
  • Sidebar can now be toggled
    • cookie memory
    • activation options + visual options
    • compatible with the Facebook widget (page loaded with sidebar closed - Fb app is using "getComputedStyle", which means if the widget is not displayed, it triggers a JS error - a workaround has been found)
Even if this beta has been tested on a live site (with different utf-8 langages [important]), this is still a beta version and a major update. So install it on your dev board first.


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Version 3.0.0 BETA 3 released
XenForo > 1.2 required
  • cloned nodes with namespaces html tags have now their original attributes
  • New polls toggle (and its options)
  • Add a regex workaround to fix namespaces tags if needed (alternative to the Dom function) - selectable with an option

Even if this beta has been tested on a live site (with different utf-8 langages [important]), this is still a beta version and a major update. So install it on your dev board first.
Version 3.0.0 BETA 2 released
XenForo > 1.2 required
  • Create a function to restore in the dom invalid html tags with namespaces inside - Thanks to @Delazar

    Explanation: the php DOMDocument loadHTML function doesn't support html tags with namespaces (ie: <fb:like>) since they are not valid tags in HTML. A function has been created to try to automatically restore them. The Facebook like information will display normally now.
Even if this beta has been tested on a live site (with different utf-8 langages [important]), this is still a beta version and a major update. So install it on your dev board first.
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