Threadmarks Pro

Threadmarks Pro 2.15.5

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  • Fix hard deleting threads
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  • Thread Starter Alerts integration
  • Add threadmark sort link to the threadmark index options list
  • Threadmark index/list now loads in overlay
  • Fix Sort linked contents would return an empty template
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  • Fix post merging support
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  • Fix threadmark index icon update url being incorrectly generated
  • Support the "All user groups" option for Threadmark category permissions
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  • Add global option to disable the "Index progress" field on a threadmark index
  • Fix deleting/unapproving threadmarks could damage position ordering
  • Fix 'hidden range' loader for threadmarks list could fail and load the threadmark index into a row
  • Fix error when editing threadmark index
  • Fix error on undelete/unapprove/approve threadmark index pages
  • Fix explain text for "Use threadmark category text for Index label on post" option
  • Fix missing svThreadmarks_sort_linked_content phrase
  • Fix "remove contents" threadmark index action link showing up for users without permission
  • Fix threadmark index cropper not working
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  • Properly extend client-side phrase list, allowing translations to reliably work
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  • Only display threadmarks to the user if they can see them
  • Allow a user to add a threadmark over the top of a soft-deleted threadmark
  • Cleanup linked records on hard delete
  • Feature flag for enabling/disabling the threadmark index icon
  • Show threadmark index on thread preview
  • Improve threadmark widget usage on side-bar, new option for widget "simple" or "full"
  • Threadmark index linked content, can now remove linked content and sort ordering.
  • Collaborative Threads support; allow Threadmark Index permissions to be shared.
  • General fixes to delete/undelete & unapprove/approve support. Including displaying if content is deleted/moderated.
  • Improve threadmark list & threadmark index css on small screens. Including layout tweaks.
  • Editing threadmark index description didn't check permissions for images or links bbcode.
  • Adding linked content no longer defaults to "5", and instead becomes the next expected display order.
  • Remove redundant queries on a number of pages
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