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Unmaintained Steam Authentication & Integration 1.0.7

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Works great, nice addition to the site.
need statistics and notices
There are statistics and notices!
I just installed this plugin and I really like it!
Easy to install and provides a great feature for forums that are based around Steam.
Works great, right out of the box. Excellent installation and integration with xF and Steam. Author is responsive and listens to suggestions.
This is excellent and exactly what I wanted. I dreaded attempting to code this myself. Thank you.
Great mod I know our members will definitely utilise it. Could think of a couple of small things for it but as it stands now is deserving of the 5 star rating.
Excellent, just great for a gaming community and displays nicely.
Works great requiring little if any editing. Much easier than the previous kind which had required template editing.
No longer works. Out dated and author abandoned. Anyone looking for a good working version should visit:

You can see a working version of it at
Nice addon, works great. Only problem so far is that your own steam profile disappears from the messages when using quick reply, or editing a message, but nothing a refresh can't handle.

Also, would be great if it were possible to display games owned on steam on profile page ;)
I like the steam games being listed on the profile page. As far as the bugs, well I'm not certain how to fix the quick reply but I also haven't really looked at it either. I'll add these to my list of stuff to address when I get around to working on the next version.
Brilliant add on, quick install and works great. With a bit of css styling it integrates really nicely to any theme :)
Thank you. Very usefull thing for my forum.
Installed easy and running flawlessly - thank you
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