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Question: Clicking the login link on top doesn't open the login section and doesn't navigate to the login page. What can I do?
Answer: The product uses JavaScript to redirect the page login section. Most likely you have an unrelated JavaScript error on your page, that prevents the product from working properly.

Question: Clicking the login link I see a popup window showing login form and the page reloads after that. What can I do?
Answer: Any theme implementing Overlays for login box may cause this issue. You should disable the login popup in the theme. You may contact the theme author for instructions or check theme options if any.

Question: Is it safe to use the add-on from SEO point of view? Is it possible it will affect my ranking negatively?
Answer: Installing the addon your will notice, that the link to login page itself is using http protocol, and the links on the login page to other sections of the site use https protocol. The reason is that it wasn't technically possible to have the links correctly in page source directly, but what we did is to ensure, that pages redirect to proper protocol version using 301 permanent redirects, which is confirmed by search engines to be the correct way to redirect pages to their canonical version. The SEO implications of this are unknown and you should use the add-on understanding this fact and at your own risk.
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