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login page

  1. AddonsLab

    SSL Login 1.2

    As announced by Google, Google Chrome will show "Not secure" warning on websites having password fields on pages not protected by SSL. The solution is, of course, to migrate your forums to be served using HTTPS protocol. This is unfortunately not always possible, as switching to SSL requires...
  2. Toshi

    301 Redirection

    Is it possible to redirect Member Profile URL to Login Page, Please Share Suggested Links.
  3. Tyrone Shum

    Redirect Login Form

    Hi @Chris D I am doing an integration with amember + xenforo , so the users would login via amember. I would like to setup a redirect to the amember login page when the "Error" Page pops up. Here is my site: http://dslrvideoclub.com/members/index.php Login page: It will be redirecting to...