Spam and Disposable email addresses

Spam and Disposable email addresses 0.4

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Amazing list/compilation, thank you!

This is very useful to prevent spam or "fake" users in your boards.
This is an important initiative that most forums owners will find useful. I can only hope that xenforo tries to add more features to support better blocking of disposable emails.
Fan-freaking-tastic. Took just a minute from download to implementing. Thank you for offering this! Definitely helps cut down the time it takes to enter these one by one.
Thanks very helpful will save me a lot of time! Easy way to block throwaway domains. A must install for any forum.
Cool! This is that what i need!
I quickly make query in db. Useful list of blacklisted domains! THANK you! And please, update this list time to time.
Perfect. This saves me a ton of time and works like a charm. Now it is so much easier to handle Users and make sure they are legit.
Very much appreciated for this resource! Has helped me limit/combat the amount of people who usually sign up for one thing and then go inactive. Also has helped with some of the spam accounts we was getting. Highly recommend! Easy install.
Many many thanks for your effort to create and update this. Love the new SQL :) Now my manually added email addresses stay in the table. Keep up the good work! Highly appreciated!
Thanks for keeping it updated. Nice to be able to simply just upload the SQL file now instead of having to drop the entire table. Makes keeping up with new spam emails that much faster.
Saves a great deal of time verses manually adding these. This is yet another layer of protection against those pesky spammers, without making things difficult on normal users registering.
Thank you. I'll be updating this soon to add many more domains as well.
Thanks for the useful sql file. Helps cut down on a lot of troll accounts and spammers and takes literally no time at all to get up and running on your site.
Thank you for the kind review.
thanks - this list are very helpful against forum spammer and disposable email, specially from china & russia . this is must have for every forum , cheers
Comprehensive, compact and nicely sorted list, a must have thing for a website that does not require registrations to view/download content. Country block caution is a must, e.g. I had the countries removed since I doubt they will do any good for us.
Thank you this. will be installing this.
Wow You rocks thanks for this. It is extremely useful
Good list, thx!
great and for free - thanks a lot!
Works like a charm
Nice and easy
Easy and free :)