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Unmaintained [ShikiSuen] CSCN Anniversary theme (Free Standalone Version) 2.2.13a

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Compatible XF 2.x versions
  1. 2.2
Additional requirements
Footer branding view option available in the Footer Properties as a single checkbox. // No obliged support. If you want some customizations, you need to be capable of customizing XF2 by yourself with additional abilities of self studying CSS, LESS, and HTML. // All Mozilla-based browsers (including Netscape Seamonkey) require FireFox kernel not-earlier-than FireFox 63.
©2021 and onwards Shiki Suen. No repost tolerated unless written permission by Shiki Suen.
Updates duration
At least every 2nd-digit major XenForo release, but maybe not this standalone version.
Visible branding
Yes, but removable without payment
WARNING: The version provided on this page since v2.2.13a only works with XenForo 2.2.13 and later. For XF 2.2.12 and earlier XF 2.2.x releases, please check this post to download the v2.2.12b of this style.

To users of XF 2.2.14 and above: Please try "automatic merge" if prompted template conflicts after the XF upgrade from 2.2.13 version. Comment in the discussion thread of this style here if you have found compatibility issues.

My recent manual update of this style for XF 2.2.12 is done in April 26th, 2023. You are free to contact me either on Twitter (@ShikiSuen) or [ShikiSuen[æt]pm.me] if there are future merging-conflicts confusing you. However, I can only upgrade this style to the latest XenForo version offered on XenForo official demo sites (which are legally free to everyone).
I have my nostalgia with CS-CN (previously counter-strike china forum, renamed to composers-china forum since June 5th, 2021) which was popular around 2004, hence my reproduction of its forum theme for XenForo 2. This version doesn't require frameworks but I will release another version of this theme alongside a special framework add-on (to make things simpler when adopting with XenForo 2 further 2nd-point release upgrades.).

The standalone version is free but will be unmaintained as long as the framework version becomes available to the public as a paid plugin. Since then you may modify and maintain this standalone version by yourself, but please no resposting without my written permission.

See FAQ if you have doubts regarding changes to the staff bar (moderation menus, etc.).

Warning: This theme (standalone version) already contains some of my mods previously released here with additional modifications. Please beware of possible conflicts if you are gonna use this theme.
To Safari Users: This theme sets the 「.blockMessage.blockMessage--none」as 「all:unset」 in order to compensate with unwanted drop-shadow duplications. However, this triggers Safari's bug (tested in Safari 13.1) that all of its nested sub-contents' text color are rendered in color #000000:
Since this bug already get fixed in macOS 11.0.x and iOS 14, this theme won't do any accommodation with it. Old system users are supposed to use Chrome or FireFox (ESR if necessary).
// Forumindex:

// Forumdisplay:

// Allow sitemasters to switch their favored postbit layout:

// vB3 modern vertical postbit layout:

// Classical horizontal postbit layout:

One-hue color system to control the overall color hue of the style:



The original theme color palette was from NewvBB 2004 (a nulled brand release of vBulletin 3.0.x only) which built-in style was made by 007pig.

(The following screenshot made from my computer after my manual migration of the theme to vBulletin 3.8 releases.)

One of the sitemasters of CSCN, "xgao", tweaked the theme with a new chrome color (2004).
(WebArchive doesn't cache vBulletin forum icons and logos well.)

A full comparison (the old CSCN in 2004 was shown on the right-side):

Demo site: https://www.cs-cn.pro/
First release
Last update


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