[ShikiSuen] CSCN Anniversary theme (Free Standalone Version)

[ShikiSuen] CSCN Anniversary theme (Free Standalone Version) 2.2.13a

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Sync updates introduced in XenForo 2.2.13 Golden Master.

WARNING: This version is not compatible with earlier releases of XenForo 2.2.x.
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  • Expanded LESS coverage of certain data templates.
  • Fixed some LESS compatibility issues with Truonglv's Post Reply addon.
  • Fixed some LESS compatibility issues with XFRM.
  • Fixed some LESS compatibility issues with CV6's NodeIcon addon.
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Manually updated for XenForo 2.2.12, fixing some artifacts generated by "template auto-merge".

Disclaimer: My XenForo license is expired, but we do have official free access to XenForo demo sites (which has time limits). I finished the theme update procedures by using an XF official demo site.
Templates manually updated for XF 2.2.9 Golden Master.
No other new function added.
Templates manually updated for XF 2.2.6 & 2.2.7 Stable Release. No new function added.
Thanks to Mike Sullivan's hint helping me know how to deal with the compatibility issues between Carousel and FlexBox. Now, the flipped page layout works with XFRM.
Previously, by default, the fieldsets do have "horizontal margins" when sideNav shows up. However, this brings some problems to aftermarket addons like XenCarta, leading to issues that editor viewport width is not wide enough. This update locked the fieldset horizontal "margins" settings to userCP pages only (except the "signature" settings).

Notes to XenCarta users: Please set additional CSS to your extra.less:
div.block.carta-page .bbWrapper {line-height: 1.7em}

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CSCN Anniversary Theme β27 update for XenForo 2.2.5, comparing to β26:
  1. XFRM users don't have to sacrifice the swappable sidebar / sidenav position feature anymore. Now, even if the "Make the position of Sidebar and Sidenav swappable" option in "Style Properties -> Page Setup" has been checked, it won't affect XFRM pages. Until the Carousel compatibility issue gets troubleshooted by either XFRM devs or Carousel library maker, this won't be changed.
  2. The top border of Article posts are now aesthetically using the same design whether legacy postbit layout is enabled.
  3. Article user info tweaks regarding the layout of user badges in both computer view and mobile view.
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CSCN Anniversary Theme β26 update for XenForo 2.2.5, comparing to β25:
  1. Partial XFRM Support. HOWEVER: XFRM Featured Resources MUST BE TURNED OFF (or uncheck the "Make the position of Sidebar and Sidenav swappable" option in "Style Properties -> Page Setup") due to an issue of Carousel.less which drives me crazy: If the Carousel container of XFRM gets placed in an element (.p-body-content) of a flexbox (div.p-body-main .p-body-main--withSideNav), then the width of the Carousel container increases drastically. At least, I have no way to stop this. I give up. // Thanks to an anonymous XF webmaster for providing me test environment on his server.
  2. Forumbit: Subforum with new unread contents won't highlight the link anymore, only highlighting the icon.
  3. Introducing legacy postbit: Since I had received multiple complaints expressing their wish of using legacy postbit layout, I added a checkbox in "Style Properties" -> Messages" to allow sitemasters to choose their favored postbit layout.
  4. Fixed some drop-shadow behavior of form submit row when using in-postbit editor.
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Considering there are multiple updates reuploaded to Beta 24, I decided to release Beta 25 with one more fix.

CSCN Anniversary Theme β25 update for XenForo 2.2.5, comparing to β23:
  1. Fixed some English expressions used in the descriptions of those new options added by this style in the Page Setup in style properties.
  2. For all dropdown menu labeled with "●●●", they are now labeled as "more" using an existing XenForo phrase.
  3. Fixed an issue that html em tags are not rendering properly for CJK languages in some places (like the Froala editor v3 when WYSIWYG mode is enabled). This time we simply applied the dotted underline formatting to these elements used in the entire bbWrapper and fr-Wrapper: i:not([aria-hidden="true"]), cite, em, var, address and we believe that filtering out the "aria-hidden=true" elements should be enough for avoiding hitting any innocent element. // In CJK languages, em tags are not using italics but using dashed underline.
To mention: I have no budgets to buy XF Media Gallery (XFMG) and XF Resource Manager (XFRM), hence the lack of compatibility tests between this style and these two official XenForo addons. I know that some of my friends bought them, but I cannot abuse their copies to do this. I wish to do this on XF demo site, but its access speed from Mainland China is extremely exhausting... averagely over 20 seconds per each page load / ajax click event. If there's no access speed problem, I would like to see that XF official demo sites can have some demo contents for XFMG and XFRM.

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