[ShikiSuen] CSCN Anniversary theme (Free Standalone Version)

[ShikiSuen] CSCN Anniversary theme (Free Standalone Version) Beta 31

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This update removes a modification introduced in early Beta builds (prior to the availability of this style in this XenForo official forum). I wrote that definition when I was trying to compensate with something in XF 2.1 default template, but it looks like a wrong approach.

By removing this modification (actually, I commented it out using "//"), it solves compatibility issues with certain aftermarket addons.

I simply commented out the 104th line of "cscn_theme_customize.less":

$ EOF.
Beta 19 is still for XenForo 2.2.2 but comes with 3 fixes.

1) User information in normal postbit, if having over 5 items to display, automatically starts a new column to the left to display the 6th-10th item. After that, another new column for 11th-15th item. The problem is that I forgot to leave a horizontal gap for these columns. Now I give a 12px horizontal gap between these columns by patching "cscn_theme_customize_postbit.less" template.


2) User information in an article postbit (the 1st floor of an article thread) was supposed to have a 10px padding to its left. However, for some reasons, current default template defines it to 20px (which is way too much). I patched the "cscn_theme_customize_postbit.less" to make sure it overrides the XenForo default parameter.


3) Threadlist in a wiget embedded in a page (which data-template is "page_view") failed to get rendered correctly due to not being whitelisted in template "cscn_theme_customize_threadbit.less". Now this fix makes things stylistically consistent in "page_view". Other addons may bring new data-templates for their own pages, and CSCN only renders its thread list view style to those whitelisted data-templates, requiring your own operations to whitelist those corresponded new data-templates in this style template.

I also need to point out that this style (at least since beta 16) does not utilize "extra.less" because I don't want to mess up with users' self-edits. Nevertheless, "extra.less" gets compiled in the final step, and all user edits towards that template are out of my responsibility perimeter.
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Updated node_list_forum and PAGE_CONTAINER, synchronizing changes made by XF 2.2.2 comparing to XF 2.2.1 release.
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1. Updated the bottom area of both Notification Menu and the Message Menu. You can now Mark your Notifications as "Read".
2. Fixed an issue preventing emotion-reaction popups from showing (when you hover your mouse onto the link at the bottom of a postbit).
3. Fully updated for XenForo 2.2.1 Stable Release.

I do apologize for failing to find my time completely rebuilding this style from scratch (with my promised new features like one-hue control, etc.).
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Since I have no time completely rebuild this skin from scratch for XenForo 2.2.0, I simply did a direct-update from Beta 15.

This update only works for XenForo 2.2.0 Beta 2 and later, assuming that there is no template conflicts with later XenForo 2.2.x releases.

  • Updated for XenForo 2.2.0 Beta 2;
  • Fixed unwanted box-shadow duplications when the form submission bar is not floated;
  • Removed those hard-coded borders of the new Froala v3 editor, using customized borders instead;
  • Made sure previous style changes towards thread title in thread pages keep effective in question threads and article threads.

No delta update available. Please download the style and redo what you have customized by yourself.
1. Synced template changes brought by XenForo 2.1.10;
2. Introducing my solution to an officially-unsolved issue that horizontal scrollbar may appear in the preview pane of message editor (at least the message editor for quickly replying a thread). See:
Removing unwanted border from message userarrow.