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[ShikiSuen] CSCN Anniversary theme (Free Standalone Version) ShikiSuen
CSCN Anniversary theme (Standalone Version, no framework needed.)
[CSCN] Roman Numeral Chord BB Code Support ShikiSuen
Adding BB Codes supporting input of both British and Shimaoka Royal Roman Numeral chord symbols.
[ShikiSuen] CSCN Anniversary theme (for AdminCP Only) ShikiSuen
This style only works with AdminCP.
[CSCN] Debug Defender ShikiSuen
Unmaintained [CSCN] Debug Defender 1.0.0
Block access to the debug report page + allowing you to decide whether the debug footer shows up.
[CSCN] Moving Staff Tools to Nav Group ShikiSuen
Put StaffBar into NavBar, always effective.
Unmaintained ICP Bei'an 1.1.3
Necessary for sites hosted in Mainland China
Fix Outdated HTML Language Tags for Chinese languages.
Add a line right below the category title bar to indicate the name of the columns of node items.
Only affecting the showthread pages, this mod centersthe thread title in the page header.
Chinese & Japanese Search using NGRAM without Xenforo Enhanced Search and Elasticsearch.
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