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Unmaintained [CSCN] Roman Numeral Chord BB Code Support 1.0.3

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©2021 Shiki Suen. No repost tolerated unless written permission by Shiki Suen. // Embedded font "Campania" is designed by Marc Sabatella; Embedded font "Yuzuri" is designed by Shiki Suen. Both fonts are released under the SIL Open Font License 1.1
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With this addon installed, an XenForo forum can allow users to type roman numeral chord contents to communicate harmoniology matters with each other. It supports chord symbols used in both British Royal Conservatory system and Shimaoka Harmoniology system. See the attached picture as an example:

Especially, the screenshot of the specimen of Yuzuri font (as of font ver. 1.007):
截圖 2021-06-27 19.16.00.png

If you have concerns / issues of limitations, you are supposed to go to github to send issues:
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Latest updates

  1. 1.0.3 Update

    Updating Yuzuri font to 1.007.
  2. 1.0.2 Update

    1. Updated the Yuzuri font to 1.006; 2. Changed how font BASE64 data are placed into the addon...
  3. 1.0.1 Update

    1. Updating Yuzuri font to 1.004; 2. Line heights of both Campania and Yuzuri are now 0.5 with...
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