[CSCN] Roman Numeral Chord BB Code Support

[CSCN] Roman Numeral Chord BB Code Support 1.0.3

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Typing Shimaoka Harmoniology Roman Numerals requires remembering the following table:

入力文字 Input Character対応和声記号 Corresponded chord symbol
O何れの音階・和声 // Wildcard symbol indicating current chord degree
ZXCVBNM音階とその音を示す記号 // Indicating Scales and Tones
UVII (実に稀です。島岡系芸大和声では減和声と導7和声はすべて属和音の根音省略形と呼ばれる。// Extremely rarely used. All diminished chords are described as rootless dominants in Shimaoka Harmoniology.)
F付加4 // Add 4th
S付加6 // Add 6th
f第5音の下変(ローマ数字の直後に置くこと) // ♭5 (typed right after the Roman Numeral)
s第5音の上変(ローマ数字の直後に置くこと)// ♯5 for Dominants, ♯6 for subdominants
m同主短調から借用した準固有和音 // The diatonic chord of the same degree borrowed from omnitonic minor.
+長和音と強調する記号 // Enforce a major chord.
-短和音と強調する記号 // Enforce a minor chord.
r根音省略形あるいは第5音省略形(ローマ数字の直前に入力すること) // Rootless Dominant or 5thless Subdominant (typed right before the Roman Numeral)
pナポリのII度 // Neopolitan II
1 2 3 4 `第?転回形 // Which inversion
7 9 ~7和音と9和音(転回形の直前に入力すること)// 7th or 9th chords (typed right before the inversion number)
@副次調指定記号 // Tonicization target indicator
/保続低音指定記号 // Sustained bass note indicator
() [] {}括弧 // Brackets

Specimen of Yuzuri Font (as of font version v1.007):
(you can copy this to an XF forum which has this addon installed to see the actual results.)
SymbolDefinition (short)Token
[RMJP]Q W T[/RMJP]Tonic; Two; Five (Dominant)Q W T
[RMJP]Q1 W1 T1[/RMJP]Tonic (1st inversion); Two (1st inv); Dominant (2nd inv)Q1 W1 T1
[RMJP]T7 T9[/RMJP]Dominant 7th; Dom 9thT7 T9
[RMJP]T71 T93[/RMJP]Dom 7th 1st inv; Dom 9th 3rd invT71 T93
[RMJP]rT7 rT9[/RMJP]rootless Dom 7th, rootless Dom 9thrT7 rT9
[RMJP]rT71 rT93[/RMJP]rl Dom 7th 1st inv; rl Dom 9th 3rd invrT71 rT93
[RMJP]RS RF[/RMJP]Four add 6th; Four add 4thRS RF
[RMJP]rRS rRF[/RMJP]Four add 6th omit 5th; Four add 4th omit 5thrRS rRF
[RMJP]mR mrT91[/RMJP]quasi forth; quasi rl Dom 9th first inv (A quasi chord is the chord of the same degree but borrowed from the omnitonic minor key. )mR mrT91
[RMJP]T@W T71@T[/RMJP]Dom tonicizing to II; Dom 7th (1st inv) tonicizing to VT@W T71@T
[RMJP]rT91@mR[/RMJP]rl Dom 9th (1st inv) tonicizing to quasi-IVrT91@mR
[RMJP]mrT91@R[/RMJP]rl quasi-Dom9th (1st-inv) tonicizing to IVmrT91@R
[RMJP]mrT93@mR[/RMJP]rl quasi-Dom9th (3rd-inv) tonicizing to quasi-IVmrT93@mR
[RMJP]rTf92@T[/RMJP]rl V9 (2nd inv) ♭5, tonicizing to VrTf92@T
[RMJP]mrTf91@T[/RMJP]rl quasi-Dom9th (1st inv) ♭5, tonicizing to VmrTf91@T
[RMJP]mrTs91[/RMJP]rl Dom 9 (1st inv) ♯5mrTs91
[RMJP]RsS[/RMJP]Four add ♯6thRsS
[RMJP]+R7[/RMJP]Four as a forced Dominant 7 (Dorian IV)+R7
[RMJP]pW1[/RMJP]Neapolitan II (flat-II as a forced Major 3rd Triad, 1st inv.)pW1
[RMJP]+Q[/RMJP]Picardi Tonic (Tonic as a forced Major 3rd Triad)+Q
[RMJP]T7/Q (mrT9@T)/T[/RMJP]V7 on a sustained I; "The rootless quasi Dominant 9 tonicizing to a V" on a sustained VT7/Q (mrT9@T)/T