Shades of Grey

Shades of Grey 2.2.3-1

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Added "Icons for Login and Registration" by BassMan

Fixed: It was brought to my attention that when highlighting text in the editor, the highlighted text was the same color as background so it could not be seen. (This occurred when using Firefox and IE). To fix the issue I made the background Green and text color White for all browsers.
Fixed issue where blinking cursor in Code editor area was not visible due to dark background (made cursor soft white)

Changed color of drop-down flash message (at top of screen) to green instead of the default white (looks better)
The following was brought to my attention:
"the default text color for all the code language inserts (General code, html, etc.) is black, making it impossible to read on that dark background."
NOTE: Thanks to imno007 for bringing this to my attention

So I changed it to look like this:
  • Added additional green color to sticky areas with a new green sticky line separator (as seen below)
  • sticky.png
  • Reworked button hover so it turns dark grey with rust-colored text
  • Added blue text to footer of Shades of Grey (blue)
  • Changed button color on Shades of Grey (blue) so it matches default Xenforo color scheme
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I had to remove some extraneous code that is only relevant to my own personal website. The extra code won't hurt anything if you have already downloaded 1.5.

If you find anything else with the style that needs attention, please let me know.
I made the following changes/enhancements:
  • Added top border to show division between users who "Liked" post when viewing (as seen in image)
  • Changed Color of inactive input areas to rgb(70, 70, 70). You see these inputs when moving multiple files, for example.
  • Added Top border color for menu seperators (as seen in image)
Some minor changes, so upgrade if you wish...
  • Colored "Sticky" icon to "Green" (so it stands out better when viewed in the index)

  • Changed color while hovering Buttons to "Grey" (so when you hover over buttons it takes the color out and replaces it with "grey")
  • Changed "Advanced Search" tab background color to medium grey on tab hover
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  • Changed up/down page arrow to "Blue"
  • Changed "Attention-grabbing border color" to "Green"(The side accent you see in Quotes)
  • Changed "Emphasized text color" to an "Off White" (Node category color)
  • Toned down and balanced all text colors
  • Added blue colored text option
  • Fixed dark text on dark background when choosing recipient.
Made the following improvements/changes (subjective of course):
  • Reduced text brightness (to prevent retinal damage :cool: )
  • Colored "New Posts" Blue
  • Removed all block borders to improve aesthetics.
  • Colored page number highlighted background
That's all for now. I am actually making the theme for my own site, so I will be making changes regularly. I hope you like the few changes I made.

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