Shades of Grey

Shades of Grey 2.2.3-1

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A quick fix until I can get the buttons to work a little better.
The style has been completely reworked from the ground up, and has a slightly different look. I spent a tremendous amount of time creating the style over the last few days, so I hope you like it. There may be some items I missed, so just let me know if you find any.

I tried my best to blend the shades a little closer to give it a more aesthetic look. If you get a chance, please let me know what you think about it.
  • Compliance Update
  • Changed avatar background to match user info area
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Sorry for another rapid update, but I discovered another issue with the blue accent style, so here is the fix.
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There was a major issue concerning Shades of Grey 2.1.8 (both cream and blue accents), so I fixed the issue. Apparently, the "new Post" bubble shares the same border color as the "active" page numbers, so I returned the border color to it's original state for "new posts" and forced the "active" page number to omit the border for aesthetic reasons.
  • Removed rgba color schemes
  • tweaked border shades
  • added auto-expand on hover to the scrollbar
Sorry for another update, but there were additional extraneous templates discovered, so hopefully I have them all cleaned out. Thanks to @Kevin
Some extraneous code was discovered in the style XML file, so it had to be removed. I use AH's Discord add-on and apparently it injected some code from the add-on into the style. No other changes were made. As far as I know, the extraneous code will not affect the performance of the style, but if you feel uncomfortable with it in the code, you can simply delete your current version of Shades of Grey style and import the new "clean" version, v2.1.7
I noticed the buttons on the user profile card did not have a background color, so I added a medium grey background with a green hover as shown below (watch video). Previous versions did not show a background in this area.

Also, I added a new schema for versioning. The first 3 numbers identify the XenForo version the style was created/saved with, and the last number represents which version of Shades of Grey was saved to that style

Example: XenForo version: 2.1.3 + Shades of Grey version 0 =

Small update, but an important one. @imno007 discovered that while typing/creating "Tags", the text was hard to see. The text was made white.
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