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Shades of Grey

Shades of Grey 1.3

No permission to download
  • Changed up/down page arrow to "Blue"
  • Changed "Attention-grabbing border color" to "Green"(The side accent you see in Quotes)
  • Changed "Emphasized text color" to an "Off White" (Node category color)
  • Toned down and balanced all text colors
  • Added blue colored text option
  • Fixed dark text on dark background when choosing recipient.
Made the following improvements/changes (subjective of course):
  • Reduced text brightness (to prevent retinal damage :cool: )
  • Colored "New Posts" Blue
  • Removed all block borders to improve aesthetics.
  • Colored page number highlighted background
That's all for now. I am actually making the theme for my own site, so I will be making changes regularly. I hope you like the few changes I made.

index.jpg blue.jpg
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