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Shades of Grey 2.6

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The last version (2.5) had an enlargement setting in the CSS for avatar size. This caused an issue with the mobile avatar size, and because of this, I have removed the snippet of code and re-uploaded the Shades of Grey files. If you don't feel like downloading and re-installing, all you have to is delete this code snippet as explained below, and the default XenForo Avatar size will go back to default.

Simply go to:

Appearance > Styles > Shades of Grey > Templates

and search for "extra.less" and look for
.avatar.avatar--m {
     width: 120px !important;
     height: 120px !important;
Delete this code snippet and that should fix the problem.
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Okay, I located the issue with my personal logos and favicons and all should be removed now. I also changed the "Style type" to "Dark." When I originally created the style, I didn't think it really made a difference what was checked, or the purpose of the two different types, but after downloading an "Add-on" I recently purchased, I realized what the setting was actually used for. Apparently, some add-ons may call for the style to match a dark or light theme, so it can be used in multiple themes.

I recommend that all users download and upload the latest version of the style.

Sorry again for the repeated updates, but I had to make it right.

NOTE: To better illustrate the "Style type" settings, check out these two links on my site while paying particular attention to the "Discord" Widget

XenForo Light
Shades of Grey (cream text)
I accidentally left my personal Logo URL in the style, so this version has it removed. Sorry about that. :)

If you have already installed version 2.3, just simply go to Admin CP > Appearance > Shades of Grey > Basic Options and check "Revert customized value" to clear my personal logos. You probably already figured that out, so no big deal. If not, I have uploaded version 2.4 which has this already cleared.
I made a few enhancements to the style in an effort to make it look better. You can check out my Demo site to see the changes I made. For example, I changed the solid line separating stickys into a dashed line with a different color. Its a little more subdued now, and I think it looks better. I also added a dark colored background for those who enable the character counter in the Xenforo editor. I made other small updates and changes, so I hope you like them. Again, stop by the site and see if it's something for you. If not, have a great day. :)
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  • Changed Button hover color to grey background (looks better)
  • Changed Ratings Stars (unselected) to medium grey (they were not visible prior to this change) ** !Important **
  • Increased brightness of Text Editor background to a lighter shade of grey for better contrast (easier to see)
Here is a video showing the changes
Made all of the tabbed areas consistent throughout the style. For example, you will notice the "Search" area in the previous versions has a light grey background and other tabbed areas do not. I noticed it when I added a tabbed side block widget to my website, so I fixed it to display the tabs as seen below:


Although not included in this style, the tabbed block on my site was created using the resource "How to make a tabbed widget" You might want to check it out.

I also fixed the shaded area for the "start" and "end" of tab areas when you run out of of room on tabs as seen below:
(it was white/light grey before without the fix)
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Added "Icons for Login and Registration" by BassMan

Fixed: It was brought to my attention that when highlighting text in the editor, the highlighted text was the same color as background so it could not be seen. (This occurred when using Firefox and IE). To fix the issue I made the background Green and text color White for all browsers.
Fixed issue where blinking cursor in Code editor area was not visible due to dark background (made cursor soft white)

Changed color of drop-down flash message (at top of screen) to green instead of the default white (looks better)
The following was brought to my attention:
"the default text color for all the code language inserts (General code, html, etc.) is black, making it impossible to read on that dark background."
NOTE: Thanks to imno007 for bringing this to my attention

So I changed it to look like this:
  • Added additional green color to sticky areas with a new green sticky line separator (as seen below)
  • sticky.png
  • Reworked button hover so it turns dark grey with rust-colored text
  • Added blue text to footer of Shades of Grey (blue)
  • Changed button color on Shades of Grey (blue) so it matches default Xenforo color scheme
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