Shades of Blue

Shades of Blue 2.2.11

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I was informed that the "New" indicator was hard to see, so I made the following changes. It is not necessary to install the latest version, because all you have to do is make the following changes:


Make two color changes in the Styles menu as illustrated here. (#ffffff for Text and #2274ae for Background).
It was reported that the text was not visible when a solution was selected, so I changed the background and text colors to be more visible. I also changed the background color to green to show greater emphasis.
  • Fixed editor highlighted text foreground and background contrast
  • Fixed accented color to make it readable on some foregrounds and background areas (previously unreadable text)
  • Fixed version numbering
  • A new updated look that adds better shades of blue
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  • Compliance update
  • Made Avatar background transparent to better blend with user info background
  • Fixed Editor highlight color to be more easily seen
  • Compliance update to correspond to xenForo version
  • This is a xenForo 2.2 compliance upgrade only (nothing new).
  • The style has been exported as an "archive" so no need to "extract" the zip file
  • Simply import the .zip file as is
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Compliance Update
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Fixed a number of issues with text not able to be seen, border-color issues, etc.
So, if you downloaded 2.1.8, be sure to download this update for all the fixes.
  • Removed rgba color schemes
  • tweaked border shades
  • added auto-expand on hover to the scrollbar
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Sorry for such a quick turn around, but I realized the border opacity was too high, so I toned it down a bit
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