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This is an experimental addon - Comments, pull requests and suggestions are welcome.

By default XenForo includes in the Sitemap the first URL of each thread only regardless of the amount of pages in the thread. Various members of the XenForo community (here and here) have been discussing the possibility to include into the Sitemap all the URLs of each page of every thread.

This addon adds two new features to help improve the search engine index coverage of your forum.:

  • Thread start date per page
    Allows you to set the thread page start date to the first post date of each page. Enable this feature only if you experience this problem.
  • Include all pages of each thread in the Sitemap
    Include into the Sitemap the URL of each thread page.

This is a work in progress and the community is learning if this is beneficial or not in the long run. Please use carefully.



The Addon is released under the MIT License and everyone is welcome to suggest pull request / feature requests / comments.
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  1. 1.0.1 - Minor bug fix

    I overlooked the correct Post Per Page option. It should be the right one now.

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This add-on would generate a much better sitemap for your board because it would add pages of each individual thread. XenForo by default only includes the first page. There is a second feature which is experimental and might be worth trying for a few days to see if it helps your board with better indexing.
Let's hope it works positively in the long run! Thanks for your review, i really appreciate it.
a 5 stars addon with a sympatic developer
this will add pages 2,3,4, etc on your sitemap
thank you @julianD
Thank you very mcuh! I appreciate it
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