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This is a simple but effective addon to increase collaboration in your community. First of all, this is not a full blown Wiki in the sense that it doesn't support most of the features of those systems and it's generally not aimed at forums that require a dedicated Wiki section. If you're looking for something more similar to that, there are currently a lot of different existing solutions right now:
I've investigated and even tested some of the previous products and none of them satisfied my needs and I hope there are others like me who need an active developed Wiki addon for their threads.

So what does the WikiPost addon has to offer to your community?


  • Turn the first post of any thread into a WikiPost - This is the core of the addon. Based on the XF Permissions you can define what usergroups can turn their threads to a WikiPost and who can contribute to existing WikiPost.
  • Configure a forum as a WikiPost Forum - All new threads will include a WikiPost by default.
  • Changelog integrated to the XenForo History system - Make use of the built-in History system to display changes to your WikiPost.
  • Summary of changes (visible in the changelog) - When you edit a WikiPost, you'll find a new text field to provide a summary of the changes in your edit. You can force your users to provide a summary with each edit (recommended).
  • Watch a WikiPost for future edits, both with Push or Email notifications - Sometimes it's better to keep an eye in certain WikiPosts, be it because you'd like to be informed of new modifications to it or because it's a controversial topic in your community. You can choose how you'd like to be notified of future edits.
  • Protect a WikiPost - As a thread owner you can specify which users can edit your WikiPost. There are three options: any one with the required permission (default) / People you follow / People specified in a list (see screenshots)
  • Ban an user from editing a specific WikiPost - One of the tools to help you manage your WikiPosts is the Ban feature. Similar to the Reply Ban, you can ban users from editing a specific WikiPost. More tools to help you manage your WikiPost to come in a near future.
  • Wiki Safe Area: As an admin/thread owner you can define a safe area inside the first post with the [WIKI] bbcode. Users will only be able to edit what's inside that area. The rest of the post would be protected.
  • Suggest a WikiPost - Users can suggest to turn a post into a WikiPost (permission based). The request will enter the Approval Queue where administrators can approve the suggestion.
  • WikiPost page - Two new sections available for you to list your forum's WikiPost as well as the latest WikiPost list of summaries in your community.


This addon has great synergy with other third party addons such as:

New permissions​

  • Edit WikiPosts, Create WikiPosts in own thread, Disable WikiPosts in own threads, Suggest threads to turn into WikiPost
  • For moderators: Create WikiPosts on any thread, Ban users from edit any WikiPost

Road map​

This addon is currently being used in my own community and it's actively being developed. The idea is to improve this addon even further with new features and integrations.

The first goal in my roadmap is to start developing support for XenForo 2.2 Thread Types as soon as Beta 1 is released but there's more ideas I would love to implement very soon:
  • Create a new [WIKITOC] bbcode to include a Table of Content
  • Link related WikiPosts across your community
  • Allow any post from a thread to be marked as a WikiPost
  • Report an edition to the WikiPost
  • Display the most active Wikis in the last day/week/month/year
  • Protect the Wiki from editions - preapprove a change or limit the users that can edit certain WikiPost.
  • Paginate the WikiPost History since it can get pretty big in a short period of time.


There are certain limitations that will be addressed in future versions. If there is some limitation or feature request you'd like to have implemented before making a purchase, please let me know in the discussion thread.
  • Although the addon supports editing a WikiPost and provide a summary via the API, it does not support creating / suggestion / edit ban in a WikiPost
  • The first [WIKI] bbcode is the only one that works. Other [WIKI] bbcodes in your post are ignored.
  • Wiki authors can't upload or delete attachments from the first post. Due to XenForo not having a mechanism to revert a deleted attachment, I preferred not to give users the permission to manage an attachment. In a future release, the ability to upload but not delete attachments from the first post will be implemented.
  • When an user suggest a WikiPost, the system as of right now doesn't display who made the suggestion.


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I still can't believe something like this isn't default in XF, but JulianD has created everything expected of an official addon.
Great support, I had a couple of issues that Julian was able to resolve, his efforts are appreciated. This addon is well thought out and designed.
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