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Unmaintained [SCC] Simple Donations 1.0.0

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  1. 1.2
  2. 1.3
  3. 1.4
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A super simple donation add-on for xenForo. Requires manual updating of the progress bar when you receive donations. Supports any donation system (ie. Paypal) that gives you HTML buttons to be rendered, which need to be pasted in the add-on options.

While the add-on is capable of handling high volume amounts of donations (after all, donations are done entirely through 3rd party links), manually updating the progress bar after every donation is not very feasible in this case, and we recommend checking out one of the paid donation managers once your forum is getting large amounts of donations.

Go to install add-on in xenForo, choose the file from "install from uploaded file" and hit install add-on! Then go to xenForo > options, find "♦ Simple Donations" and set up the add-on.
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Adam K M
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I love this addon. Its pretty awesome and simple. Although I hate the manual updating. Wish it was automatic.
Adam K M
Adam K M
Thanks for your review overifist! Yeah, automatic updating would be pretty cool, but it would add a lot of size/bulk to the app and create the possibility of quite a few errors. (And sadly, I don't have the free time to mess around with something like that at the moment)
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