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  1. 1.2
  2. 1.3
  3. 1.4
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Now unmaintained. Please use our new version, that can be found here.


Now available on github!
Looking for a 100% free Minecraft server status widget for your forum? Well then this is the add-on for you! It's simple, and very easy to use!
  • A single server
  • Displays
    • Online Players
    • Max Players
    • Green/Red circle indicating if the server is online/offline
  • Front-end IP - Want to show users an alternative IP to the one you're querying for server status? (Ie. an IP which has DDoS protection and redirects to your real IP)
  • No Copyright
  • Small size - uses external API's to do the querying
    • Choose which API you want to use (Just in case an API goes down)
  • Positioning - Change where in the sidebar you want it to show up on!
To get started, simply go to your home tab, options, and look for [Pixel Crescent] Server Status, and fill out the fields there!

Any questions and comments are welcome! :)
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