[Pixel Crescent] Minecraft Server Status (Simple)

Unmaintained [Pixel Crescent] Minecraft Server Status (Simple) 1.0.4

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My forum list is loading really slowly after I installed the add-on.
This probably means the API you're using is not responding quickly - go into the server status options and change the API you use to another one.

My thread / member pages are loading slowly after installation.
The add-on is not called/activated on those pages, look at your hosts/other add-ons for a culprit!

I want to add this somewhere outside of my sidebar.
<xen:include template="PixelC_ServerStatus" />
wherever you want to have your server status displayed - be warned that not all the styling will appear if you embed it somewhere ourside of a XenForo sidebar. In this case, just create your own styling/version of the file!

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