[SC] Separate Sticky Threads

[SC] Separate Sticky Threads 2.0.0

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Compatible XF 2.x versions
2.0, 2.1
Visible branding
Description :
  • This add-on allow you to separate your sticky and normal threads.
Feature summary :
  • Style properties :
    • Sticky Icon
    • Normal Icon
    • Padding right
    • Sticky Threads
    • Normal Threads
    • Sticky Body
    • Normal Body
Branding :
  • This add-on does not include branding.
Installation :
  • Download and unzip it.
  • Copy the src/addons/SyTryC/SeparateStickyThreads directory to your server.
  • From the AdminCP install the add-on.
Note :

Latest updates

  1. Update 2.0.0

    Update of the add-on to version 2.0.0 : This version of the add-on requires version 2.1.0 Beta...
  2. Update 1.1.0

    Update of the add-on to version 1.1.0 : Modification of sentences. Added two style properties...
  3. Update 1.0.1

    No change, replacement of the word "Seperate" by "Separate". (@Mr Lucky)

Latest reviews

Works perfectly and looks great, very nice to have the additional style options, thank you for releasing this.
Thank you for your review ! ;)
Working great on Xenforo 2.1. The style options group is welcome so I can customize the colors per style.
Thank you for the review ! :)
Does exactly what it says and the style properties are easy to configure. Couldn't ask for much more in the kind of addon, so if you need something like this, try it out!
Thanks @electrogypsy ! ;)
There are like 3 or 4 addons/source codes that do this. This one is by far the best, I have tried them all. Just DL it and rejoice
Thank you @Anomandaris ! :D
Nice and simple. Would also like to be able to give a different color background to the sticky threads but this is good as is.
Thank you for your review, an update with this option is planned !