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Unmaintained [rellect] Desktop Version For Mobiles 1.2.0

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What does it do?

This addon provides a way to see the full desktop version of the site when browsing using a mobile device.

Why I need this?
Some members prefer the familiar desktop view over the responsive version of the site.
In other cases, sometimes you just need to check something but it's hidden in the responsive view and you can't see it.

Advantages of this addon over other alternatives
1. No need for a separate style.
2. No manipulation to the CSS.
3. Works on default and any custom style.
4. In supported browsers, not even a refresh is required.
5. Fileless, a lightweight js code is placed inline in the template.
6. Saves preferences in a cookie to quickly display the chosen version in the next time you open the site.
7. Works on admincp as well (XenForo 1.5, [rellect] Responsive AdminCP).

Note: You will see the switch link only in touch devices.


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Latest updates

  1. v1.2.0

    It is now possible to view the desktop version of the admincp (requires xenforo 1.5 or higher)...
  2. v1.1.0

    This update requires to revert edited templates of the addon. What's new Fixed a bug with non...
  3. v1.0.6

    Applied a little change to reset the zoom level when switching between the desktop and the...

Latest reviews

Awesome lightweight add on that some users have clamored for. People are used to seeing this option on mobile sites and that makes this a 'must have'.
I don't often write reviews anymore, but this has to be said - this is a lightweight, extremely beneficial add-on that helps with mobile users being able to switch back to desktop view; if they've become used to it. It's fast, lightweight and honestly the switch on my iPhone and Nokia Lumia is unbelievably quick. 5 star all the way. Thank you for a very useful add-on. I agree with the others, this should be taken up in core.
Works like a charm. Thank you very much for a great add-on. 5 stars all the way. It's very nice when programs work the way they should. Thanks again, God Bless.
A great little addon that does exactly what it says with no fuss, should be included in the core IMO. Gives users that bit of extra choice if they happen to be using a larger touchscreen device or just prefer using the full site.
Really useful and smart solution. This one should be core.
This should be standard in XenForo. Love what this does and does indeed encourage mobile web users to explore more of the site and it's features. Love it.
Lightweight, useful, & works well! You continue to impress with the quality & usefulness of your add-ons. Thank you for sharing!
Does the job!!! Thank you!
Works great, thanks!
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