[rellect] Desktop Version For Mobiles

Unmaintained [rellect] Desktop Version For Mobiles 1.2.0

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  1. It is now possible to view the desktop version of the admincp (requires xenforo 1.5 or higher)
    Note: The desktop version of the admincp is buggy in touch devices (unrelated to this addon), but it still possible to view some hidden settings that the responsive view removes.

  2. The setting to change button location moved from options to style properties. In other words, you can now customize it per style.
    Note: If you changed the location in the old setting, you will need to change it again manually in the new style property.

This update requires to revert edited templates of the addon.

What's new

  1. Fixed a bug with non pixel value for @nonResponsiveMinWidth causing to unexpected results (mostly applies to custom themes).

  2. Fixed a case where the switch button could be displayed twice due to duplication of a specific code in the footer template (mostly applies to custom themes).

  3. The switch button will now be displayed only if viewing using a touch device and only if the screen width is small enough. The second condition is new to this update.
    This was needed to ensure the button won't be displayed for large touch devices, like laptops with touch screen, which are capable to display the full version of the site by default.

  4. A little change in the structure of the switch button: removed the element's id attribute, added instead a class.
    The change was made because id limits to only one instance of the element in the page, and there may be a need to display the button in multiple locations (for example, in the top and in the bottom of the page).
    Note: If you styled the button using id selector, you should update your code to a class selector.

  5. There is now a new option to choose where to place the button, or alternatively, the ability to place it manually.
    The native location is selected by default.
Applied a little change to reset the zoom level when switching between the desktop and the mobile view.
Fixed a regression in the last update which prevented going back to Mobile View due to a js error.
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[FIXED] A minor change to fix a html validation error.
[FIXED] Incorrect use of @nonResponsiveMinWidth when higher than 999px.
[CHANGED] Few changes to the code. The js code is now served minified (the full documented code is still available for reference).
Some browsers are not able to re-render the page in desktop view without a refresh, such as firefox mobile. So starting from this version only webkit and opera browsers will support the non-refresh switch, other browsers will refresh the page.

Thanks to @RoldanLT for reporting about the issue.
[FIXED] An issue where the link going back to mobile version didn't work until a refresh.

[FIXED] Removed 'px' from width declaration as Chrome reported this is invalid.
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[FIXED] If user has no permission to change style and language, the link to desktop version wasn't available.
[CHANGED] Viewport is now set @nonResponsiveMinWidth as the width in the desktop view, instead of a none value. The none value didn't work perfectly in some custom styles.