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Recent Posts by Siropu 1.5.0

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Preview Tooltip
If enabled, users can preview the thread when hovering over the thread title. This options works best on Above/Below forum positions.
"Show More" Button
If enabled, will display a "Show More" button instead of "View All Recent Posts" link, to dynamically load more recent posts using AJAX.

Excluded threads
Allows you to exclude certain threads from recent posts widget, by thread ID.

Display Thread Author
Display the thread author username (Forum list only).

Display Thread Date
Display the thread creation date (Forum list only).
Option to display thread stats (views & replies) has been added.
Added option to set if the thread post title will link to the first unread post or to the last post in the thread.

Removed quotes from the post excerpt.
A new option has been added that will allow you to display usernames with the color of their usergroup.
A new option has been added to allow you to highlight unread posts. The title of the thread will become bold if there are any unread posts in it.
New Position Options
Now you can display the recent posts list above forum list or use the "Custom" option to display the widget using Widget Framework or Template Modifications System.

Bug Fix
Missing post ID in post URL when post excerpt is not enabled.