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Unmaintained Password Tools 2.3.5

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  • Fixed an issue with 'Force Reject'
  • 'Check Passwords' does no longer require FontAwesome
  • Addon now automatically detects and uninstalls my old jQuery Complexify AddOn - Thanks @Xon for the code snippet.
  • Minor Code Cleanup
  • Minor Code Optimization
I've done some minor code cleanup and optimization, nothing that should break anything. As the addon seems to be stable by now, I've decided to leave beta stage. Thanks at all for testing!
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  • Fixed a bug with the bruteforce-class being called wrong, causing an error
  • Changed the default color of phrase and segment from a static value to @mutedTextColor in the style properties
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  • Converted JSON-Files to PHP-Files to allow for OpCode-Caching
  • Removed unnecessary code
  • Fixed possible incompatibility with external auths
  • Included own licence file
Thanks to @Xon for these suggestions.
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