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Unmaintained Password Reset Query

You can use this query to reset a user's password. It is especially useful if you forget your admin password.

You need to replace new-password and 1 (the user_id). You don't have to change salt, but if you do then both instances need to be the same.

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Jake Bunce
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Still working in 2021 with XF 2.2.6 PAtch 2 !! Many thanks for this useful SQL query mister Jake Bunce !!
What are you supposed to replace the "1" with? If the admin username is "1" then shouldn't you leave it as "1" ?
Jake Bunce
Jake Bunce
that is the user_id number
life saver, I thought I was done. THank you for making this. I locked my self out while changing my password and wasnt able to send an email for forgot password. But with this I was able to reset the password from my database.
Perfect. Saved the day when I forgot my password when I upgraded to 1.3.
exactly what I was looking to do
5 stars because this saved me after I did something stupid. Thanks, Jake! :)
Doing a migration from vBulletin 3.8 to Xenforo and needed a way to globally "scrub" all passwords to force all users to reset them on first login after an attack potentially compromised the vB user table. This query is an excellent base to do that from if you replace the simple password with something unguessable (e.g. a guid). Thanks!
I forgot to rate this previously. Awesomely useful advice, Jake. Thank you.
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