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Unmaintained Add another "notable member" tab

Compatible XF 1.x versions
  1. 1.2

Add the red code (and specify the secondary group id for your vip members):

Rich (BB code):
	protected function _getNotableMembers($type, $limit)
		$userModel = $this->_getUserModel();

		$notableCriteria = array(
			'is_banned' => 0

		if ($type == 'vip')...
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Jake Bunce
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worked perfectly as i wanted it to..! welldone to you guys really helped me out my forum looks better now
This worked great and allowed us to add a new Supporter Tab, to hi-light our members who support the board with donations!
This is an awesome mod! Thanks!
Another great addon! Nicely done, and works as expected.
aha yes Love it! thank you!
Nice thanks!
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