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Unmaintained Optimized List Queries by Xon 1.4.3

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  • Fixed missing variable definition breaking search if Post Ratings or Simple Forms are not installed.
Now attempts to optimize how search results are built.
  • Supress a number of add-ons from injecting joins when a list of search items is created, and supress the post message being returned to just be discarded
  • Supported add-ons;
    • Simple Forms
    • Word Count
    • Post Rating
    • Threadmarks
  • Support for Post Ratings.
    • Better performance on high page numbers for Ratings You've Given and Ratings You've Given pages.
  • Improve Likes Received query on large page numbers.
Implement node-list caching. This helps forums with a large list of nodes which change rarely.

  • Cache root node, or all nodes.
  • Caching length for guests (default 300 seconds, 0 to disable).
  • Caching length for members (default 0seconds, 0 to disable).
Requires XenForo caching such as Memcache or Redis to be setup.
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  • Make new "Members Online" behaviour optional (on befault).
  • Properly include the viewer into the list of users if they do not have the 'bypass privacy' permission
Note; converting the xf_session_activity table from MEMORY to InnoDB is likely a good idea if you want to use the Members Online query tuning. As MEMORY table has MyISAM locking behaviour, and this causes lock escalations when joins touch the a MEMORY table.
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Include enough xf_user fields for standard styling for staff list.
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This update will stop listing normal users in the members online

The 'members online' sidebar fetches all active users (guests/robots/members) and does post-processing in php. This post-processing scales linearly as the number of users online increases. Including guests/robots!

This add-on now only shows staff and followed users who are online, while retaining the totals for the above categories.

A potentially breaking change is the list of members online (who are not staff or followed users) is now permanently empty. The full members online list is not affected by this change.

A future update may restore this functionality.
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This addon analyses the SQL generated by XenForo for thread listings, in an attempt to generate a better final query. Other addons may cause this approach to fail!

Please test this addon carefully.

This approach may fail to generate a valid query, in which case an exception is logged and the standard XenForo SQL will be executed.