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Optimized List Queries by Xon 1.3.5

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  • Improve the global RSS feature when selecting threads from a forum with a large number of threads.
    • Avoiding "early joins" can offer significant savings.
    • Disabled by default
  • When an error occurs and the unoptimized conversation list query is run, call the right function.
  • Fix error on search which can occur when limited to no add-on's are installed.
Reactions: semprot and Sunka
  • Fix "Datas must be string or set automatic_serialization" due to failed serialization.
  • When XenForo update last user activity, do not allow older activity time stamps to be recorded.
  • Allow optional caching of the members online session list for guests.
    • Default 150 seconds.
  • Tweak options (add min values where appropriate), change "Faster Members Online Query" default value.
  • Fixed missing variable definition breaking search if Post Ratings or Simple Forms are not installed.
Now attempts to optimize how search results are built.
  • Supress a number of add-ons from injecting joins when a list of search items is created, and supress the post message being returned to just be discarded
  • Supported add-ons;
    • Simple Forms
    • Word Count
    • Post Rating
    • Threadmarks
  • Support for Post Ratings.
    • Better performance on high page numbers for Ratings You've Given and Ratings You've Given pages.
  • Improve Likes Received query on large page numbers.