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Unmaintained Optimized List Queries by Xon 1.4.3

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  • Fix bad interaction with per-user news-feeds
  • Note; recommend considering disabling the per-user news-feed cache as it is removed in XF2 anyway, as it causes Database write churn without much savings query wise
  • Fix News Feed "Show older items" not working as expected
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  • Fix off-by-1 error when pushing event_date into news feed query to ensure correct index usage.
  • Shim news-feed to ensure better index handling
  • Backport from XF2 fixes for how XF does bulk rebuilds xf_thread_user_post and xf_post.position entries
  • Improve the global RSS feature when selecting threads from a forum with a large number of threads.
    • Avoiding "early joins" can offer significant savings.
    • Disabled by default
  • When an error occurs and the unoptimized conversation list query is run, call the right function.
  • Fix error on search which can occur when limited to no add-on's are installed.
  • Fix "Datas must be string or set automatic_serialization" due to failed serialization.
  • When XenForo update last user activity, do not allow older activity time stamps to be recorded.
  • Allow optional caching of the members online session list for guests.
    • Default 150 seconds.
  • Tweak options (add min values where appropriate), change "Faster Members Online Query" default value.
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