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Nodes As Tabs

Nodes As Tabs 1.5.1

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1) Fixed a minor oversight in the previous release where error pages (e.g. "no permission" errors) inside of a node tab did not select the parent tab. The previous code was too restrictive about the route so I made it more general to cover all cases including error pages.

I also took the opportunity to test everything with XenForo 1.1.2 as that version was just released. As expected there were no problems.
1) Reduced query overhead. This addon used to add up to 3 queries per page. Now it adds 0 queries. Extra query overhead is only incurred when you enable the permission options for a node tab.

2) I added some special settings to enable you to force tab position relative to tabs from other addons:

Admin CP -> Home -> Options -> Nodes As Tabs

Screen shot 2012-01-31 at 7.41.09 PM.png